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  1. KHF-990 (SVC) HELI HF
    Part # [063-1007-00]

    Price:   $36,950 $38,950

    The Bendix/King KHF-990 System

    Specifically designed for helicopters, the KHF 990 system includes a KFS 594 control head. The system uses the remote KAC 992 antenna coupler (with external probe antenna) and the KTR 993 receiver.

    The KHF 990 provides:
    • With the KFS 594, access to 19 programmable channels and 280,000 operating frequencies in the 2 to 30 Mhz range.
    • All ITU Maritime Radio-telephone Network (public correspondence) channels are stored in the nonvolatile memory, along with all appropriately paired transmit and receive frequencies.
    • Easy readability of both CDUs and all the necessary controls to operate the KHF 990 system, including programming of all preset channels, are located on the CDUs.
    • A great deal of helicopter installation. The system weighs a total of 22.5 pounds.
    • The KTR 993 transceiver may be mounted where space permits, since there are no practical limitations on how closely it must be placed to the probe/antenna coupler.  

    Typical System Includes:

    1 ea KTR-993 R/T 063-1007-00

    1 ea KAC-992 Coupler 064-1029-00

    1 ea KAC-992 Whip Antenna 071-1272-01

    1 ea KFS-954 HF CTL 071-1274-0X

    Rack and Install Kits